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Get financial guidance and an actionable plan to help you reach your goals.

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Be confident about your money

A personalized financial plan

You’re more than your name and account balance. Speak with an advisor who will get to know you and put together a personalized plan to organize your money and reach your goals.

Help with big decisions

From buying a house to saving for retirement, major decisions have huge financial impact. Grove’s advisors help you understand your options and how they affect your money.

Affordable through technology

We’ve turned decades of financial research into a planning engine that our advisors use to give you personalized advice at a fraction of the average cost of a traditional advisor.1

Not just 9 to 5

Your money doesn’t take weekends off. Neither does Grove. Our advisors are available by email, text or chat - whatever’s best for you.

How it works

  1. Tell us about yourself

    After filling out your online profile and syncing your financial accounts, you'll discuss your life and goals with a Certified Financial Planner™ who will oversee the creation of your personalized financial plan.

  2. Receive your financial plan

    Your personalized plan will include suggestions like how much and where to invest your assets and what employee benefits to pick. You’ll get actionable to-do’s to reach your goals, for example, steps to save for a house.

  3. Reach your goals

    As you work through your to-do list, Grove will be here for you. Email or text us anytime with questions. Or, even better, share your success story!

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