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Did you know the average price of a traditional financial plan is $2,542? 1

Your plan includes

  • Financial checkup with a Certified Financial Planner™

    Am I doing ok? Am I saving enough? Am I on track to reach my goals? Much like going in for a yearly physical with a doctor, you’ll have a Certified Financial Planner™ look over your situation and give you an assessment of your financial health.

  • Actionable steps for reaching your goals

    Saving for a house? Dreaming of retiring at 50? Share your goals with us, and we can help you understand what it will take to get there. Your plan will include detailed steps that make it straightforward to take action.

  • Personalized investment portfolio

    Whether you’re just starting to save money or already have a significant amount invested, the Grove team will look over your current investments, point out areas of concern, and recommend specific actions to optimize your portfolio for your goals.

  • 6 months of ongoing support

    Whether you have questions as you check off your to-do’s or simply want someone to help keep you accountable, Grove’s advisors are available to you for 6 months after you sign up. Have a question about what to do with your tax refund or how to make decisions for open enrollment? Email or message us anytime!

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Did you know the average price of a traditional financial plan is $2,542? 1