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    What do I get with a Grove plan?

    Your plan will start with an overview of your current financial situation – your assets like cash and investments as well as debt. You’ll get specific recommendations on what to do with your assets. We also focus a lot on your goals, to help you understand what you’ll need to do to prepare for these milestones, such as buying a home. We’ll help you understand and prepare for expenses related to buying a home in your price range (down payment, mortgage, fees) and also the ongoing costs of maintaining a home (maintenance, HOA, taxes). The most important part of the plan is your to-do list that summarizes the specific tasks you’ll take to put the plan in action.

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    How is Grove different from a robo-advisor?

    At Grove, each client works with a Certified Financial Planner® to put together a personalized and comprehensive plan. Part of that plan may involve putting some money in an investment portfolio similar to those offered by robo-advisors. Other suggestions may be to set aside an emergency fund or to pay off debt. Every situation is different and our advisors take the time to figure out the best comprehensive plan that is unique to each client.

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    How is working with a Grove advisor different from working with a traditional financial advisor?

    Our goal is to make financial planning affordable, with simple and transparent pricing. The traditional independent financial advisor is fee-based (flat or as a percentage of assets), commission-based, or a combination of both. A 2015 Financial Planning Association (FPA) study shares that the average cost of working with a CFP® to put together an initial financial plan is around $2,5001. A Grove financial plan runs at a simple, flat fee of $900 (currently discounted to $600 during our introductory period), and we’re hoping to bring this down even more with the help of technology. You’ll get the personal attention just like you’d get from a traditional independent advisor at a fraction of the cost.

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    Can I choose which advisor I want to work with?

    We believe that any of our advisors can put together the best plan for you. In our current process, multiple advisors will touch your plan before it’s delivered to you, to make sure that we’re being comprehensive and giving you the best advice for your situation. It’s likely that the advisor you hoped to work with is already giving input on your plan.

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    Can Grove help me figure out…
    • if I should rent or buy?
    • if I can buy a home?
    • what to do with my company stock?
    • how much insurance I need?
    • if I can send my kids to private school? College?
    • if it’s better to pay off my credit card or invest my savings?
    • how to invest my money?
    • how to combine our finances now that we’re married?

    Yes! We can help with any of these questions and more. The answer to each of these questions will be different depending on each situation. We spend time getting to know you so we can tailor the plan to you.

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    How long does it typically take to get a plan?

    Once you complete your online profile and have the initial call with your advisor, we’ll typically deliver your plan in 2-4 weeks. However, we’re currently experiencing higher demand than usual, so we’ve set up a waitlist that could be up to a few months. We thank you for your patience as we scale up our capabilities while maintaining the quality of our offering.

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    Is my data secure?

    Keeping your personal data private and secure is a top priority at Grove. We have designed our systems with multilayer security protections in place. When you are logged-in to our website, the information is transmitted with the same level of encryption used by banks and the military. Your encrypted data is stored on servers in a heavily guarded data-center. We have internal processes in place so that access to your data is restricted to only our employees who need to see it. Further, we routinely audit our network to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities and that no unauthorized access has taken place.

    Some of the specific security measures we use include:
    • SSL/TLS encryption of network communications between all of our servers
    • Networking provided by an ISO 27001 certified cloud computing infrastructure
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) mandated for our internal tools
    • Regular software updates throughout our office and system infrastructure, to keep pace with current security improvements throughout the software industry
    • Strict internal policies governing who has access to what kind of data, as well as how that data is stored
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    Are there any discounts or financing options?

    We’re currently offering a discount off the MSRP price of $900 for a Grove financial plan. Get your plan now for $600 with the limited time introductory discount. We rely on our early clients for feedback and hope the discounted price shows our appreciation for trying us out early!

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    How can I work at Grove?

    Take a look at our About us page for current openings. Interested in joining Grove but don’t see a perfect position? Speak up! Tell us your story, write your job description, and send us your resume to

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